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Why you?

Posted on March 29, 2014 at 12:33 PM Comments comments (50)
Many survivors that I have met including myself, have often wondered why me? The questions surrounding a traumatic experience surrounding a stroke are similar. Many reasons for the cause of ones stroke vary, but when I hear the question of why did I survive? I take pause and express my opinion that you are unique. You have characteristics that make you different, or give you your individual personality. I believe your "uniqueness" is why you survived. I think for survivors and care givers, it is important to understand these unique qualities and try to bring them out consistently. The, sometimes, long road to recovery needs to begin with the understanding of who you or your loved one is. Examples being; are they creative, do they have a good sense of humor, what passions do you or they have? reminders of the unique qualities, I believe help the brain work and find ways to recover, resilience is made up of experiences and attributes both mental and physical. When I talk with families in the hospital I try to convey my opinion that constantly remembering who the survivor is, is what will help them move towards recovery. Pictures, music, objects smells, touch, all things that remind the injured brain , and I think conjure a familiar sense of "normal"... Don't lose sight of the attributes and character that has gotten you or your loved stroke survivor to this point in life. You survived because of who you are and the things that make you different, remember these "things" encourage these "things", and continue to survive and thrive.
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"Different strokes"

Posted on October 18, 2013 at 6:47 PM Comments comments (24)
I am sure if you are familiar with stroke, you have heard the phrase different strokes for different folks. Obviously I did not coin that phrase, but I think it is a very important basic concept to understand. Every stroke is different for each individual. The kind of stroke, the reason, the damage, the side-effects and certainly the recovery.
My stroke happened while I was in the hospital for observation due to an epidural puncture I received while being treated for some lower back pain. I was in my 30's, and an avid triathlete, having participated in many triathlons, including 3 Ironman races. My stroke like everyone's is a long story and lots of complications along the way. Many stroke survivors ask or wonder how or why they survived their stroke, or why they had their stroke, in the first place. Again the story is different for every survivor. If I were to just think about the part of surviving the stroke, I would say we or you or your loved one survived because of who you/they are and the unique resilience you/they have. If this is too general, I think that I want it to be because again there are many circumstances. BUT, I believe that you survived because of who you are..., or Devine intervention, or exemplarily medical attention,but NOT luck. For the sake of my personal feelings, I like to think that we all have attributes that make us unique and much of why you lived is because of your attributes...defined by You and maybe people that know you best... I encourage you to try to understand your attributes, grasp them and add to them as you continue your journey as a survivor. I always think about how nothing is guaranteed but personally I always have hope that tomorrow will come and it will be a different day. Maybe tomorrow is challenging, but it will be different and believing  that, always makes me feel like I have a chance to see change or something new and with that thought I find strength.  
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first post

Posted on October 18, 2013 at 6:08 PM Comments comments (151)
This is my first official post.  I just discovered today that I was not receiving messages that people have left on my site.  I apologize, I am not well versed in the settings on my site. I'm also trying to figure out the best way to proceed with my site. I think for now having information about my story is most important, and anyone is welcome to contact me directly through e-mail to discuss more or ask questions, at:  [email protected]
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